Same Same but Different?

Gift giving for Identical twins - do you go Identical or different? 

Recently someone a little bit famous had identical twin boys. 

Firstly - We want to stop and say Congratulations Bec and Chris Judd!  What a fabulous day. Two little guys, Tom and Darcy, added to the family.  They are healthy and oh so adorable even though they made their entrance a little early.

Here's a little pic because everyone LOVES a baby photo!  (This photo came from BecJudd on Instagram)

Rebecca Judd and twin boys


It had us wondering - should identical babies get identical presents? 


We put the below image on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and asked our crew....what would you do? 


Rebecca judd identical twins


There were a lot of comments, we all have opinions don't we!  Quite a few differing opinions, yet there was an overwhelming swing towards different.  Something similar but definitely different. 

Catherine says "Two different. They will be given so many "sames"."  


Kylie says "The same as when they are old enough they will both fight over the one car. If they are the same then no need to fight"


Interestingly we had some Mums with experience give their response and it wasn't always for the same side of the debate.


gumsonmums says  "I would have said different a few years ago, since then ID boys happens to us and matchy matchy helps us stay sane."


eleshasmith says "Different- I have identical boys and different is always best, get bored far less and can swap and teaches to share 👍🏽 " 


And don't forget, these are kids so there is always change, especially as they grow older! 


Samantha said "I have twins. As they get past 12mths old definitely the same as they fight over toys! It's been a big issue in our house. Fyi I have a boy and girl and its still an issue!"


Can I tell you I am not at all surprised by the fact that we had Mums voting each way on this one. 

Buying a present, for babies, for toddlers, even for friends is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all answer.   The babies are different, the Mums are different and the person buying the present has their own experiences and idea of what they are looking to buy.  

I love helping people to select a present from our store, but I am careful to give them a range to choose from.  Are you looking for a luxury item to spoil someone you care about, or is it a friend from work/school/neighbourhood that you want to give something to but it's more of a small gift.  Does Mum love wooden or monochrome especially?  Is the baby number 1 or number 4 of the family?    


So we don't actually have an answer for you. (Oh we're such a tease!)  The good news is that your decision wont be wrong. You can buy SAME SAME - or you can buy DIFFERENT.  

Just make sure you buy something that is safe - and something that you love, because if you love it then there's a good chance that they will too.


Do you have twins?  Have you had a crazy same-same experience or did someone get you something so crazy different that it made you scratch your head? 

- Vrooom