This MAMA is MAMA of the MONTH!

I am so excited to be the MAMA of the Month in the new Northside Edition of the local MAMAMAG. (June 2016)

MAMMAG MAMA of the month

The new Janod kids came out to help me celebrate. 


June is the party edition which is so apt as it's our 4th Birthday this June! 

The local MamaMag is a free magazine which has information - LOCAL information for Mums around Melbourne.  There are 4 zones covering the whole of the Melbourne Metropolitan area.  

Look for one in your local cafe - if they don't have it then ask them why not!  

Local MAMAMAG Mama of the month


That's me!  Lucas thinks I'm a bit of a Rockstar.  So fabulous when your kids think something you do is cool.  Doesn't happen very often.

It's page 46 and the link to read the article is here.


Don't look to hard - I've already found a spelling mistake.  I am heading to proofreading classes this week...obviously not very good at it yet! 


Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit more. 


Is there a local magazine in other states of Australia?  Now that I have a taste of fame I'm looking for more - just call me Helle Kardashian.  (too bad it doesn't start with a K!) 

- Helle.