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Please don't buy more toys. 1

rotate your toys -  war on waste - Lucas loves cars  So this is a pretty weird thing for me to say as a toy store owner.   Surely this isn't the way for me to encourage you to buy more.  Give me just a minute and I'll try to explain to you why I'm asking you not to buy more.....

5 THINGS ABOUT BOYS - I learnt from Maggie Dent 1

Maggie Dent boys boys boys The other night I went to a seminar called BOYS, BOYS, BOYS!  I'd wanted to see Maggie Dent speak for a while and this seemed to be a perfect fit for my interests.  I think I have a good relationship with Lucas, but sometimes...

5 Reasons you should play POKEMON GO with your kids 1

Pokemon with your kids5 Reasons you should play Pokemon GO with your kids.  

Pokemon GO has taken on the world.  Some parents are saying I don't have time, I don't play online games...  Here I give you 5 Reasons why  you should give it a go! 

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It's time to reclaim - Boys will be Boys! 1

 I'm having a little bit of a rant about the mis-use of the gorgeous phrase 'Boys will be boys'.  Don't hijack that phrase and make it the issue.  The issue is bad behaviour ...and there is no excuse for that.  

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