We have Stocking Stuffers Under $15 that you will love.

 When you have really over done the big gift and have an empty stocking, sometimes we need that little gift, that something to unwrap. 

We have the perfect stocking stuffer for you!


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Remember playing marbles as a kid?  This traditional marble game comes complete with 31 marbles of various sizes and a tray for play.

All presented in a cotton bag for storage and pack up time.

Age: 3+

 View from our range Grapat Marbles or Grimms 35 Marbles.

Tribe of Dinosaurs

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Perfect for the kid that wants to take their dinosaurs everywhere! In this little pack is 5 of your favourite mini dinos, including T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Dimetrodon and the awesome...

Age: 3+

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Mini Hape Cars

Mini hape cars | Lucas loves cars  

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Made from Bamboo, these little cars come in a wide range.  From a Purple Monster Truck, red sportster and so many more. 

Age: 3+




Balls balls balls.

outdoor play | bals | Lucas loves cars

buy playground balls online | lucas love cars

Heavy duty, textured ball is great for indoor or outdoor play.

Choose from baby soft balls,   5" or 7"  play ground balls  or Soccer balls.

Made of rubber, and contains no PVC, BPA or vinyl.

Age: 2+

View Play balls and grimms small balls pastel.



snap cards | Lucas loves cars

snap cards | stocking stuffers | Lucas loves cars

Everyone knows and loves a game of SNAP!  

For the young ones who aren't quite up to snap yet,  split the pack into two with one of each design in each set.  Lay one set on the ground face up and go through the other set finding the matching designs.

A great way for young children to develop word and picture matching skills. 

Age 3+


First Puzzles 



snap cards | stocking stuffers | Lucas loves cars

A great start to the fun world of puzzles.

Colourful, fun, 12 piece puzzle.

The number of pieces and the cute sized box make this puzzle perfect for travel, home or as a gift.

Age 3+ years 



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