Spot the car - a game to play in the car.

SPOT THE CAR.  A game to play when you're in the car.

Spot the car - a car game


A version of this game started for us years ago, when my Mum used to tell the kids to 'spot the trucks'  or 'count the red cars' when they were learning to count.  It's a great way to keep the kids busy while in the car.

It's a game that requires:

  • No tools
  • No preparation
  • Easy to play  (This is important because it means that when we have others in the car they can join in the fun)
  • Goes for as long as any car trip
  • Can be played with many players or just two ( I sometimes find I'm playing it by myself!) 

Great when you want them to be engaged and awake while you are driving.  Nothing more annoying than the kids falling asleep 5 minutes from home and then waking up when you take them inside!   Also fabulous for keeping them looking outside and not down.  I get carsick when I look at my phone and Lucas has suffered from this a few times too, so I don't like him using any devices in the car. 

Somehow the game has been more fun recently since we have updated it. There was a big discussion.  

'There are too many red cars Mum'.

'Should we spot blue cars?'

'No there are a lot of them too.  Why are there so many red and blue cars?'

'I don't know!'  

What about Pink cars?

Nah not enough of them! 

Riveting isn't it!?  Anyway - we decided to spot Yellow, Green and Orange cars.  Partly because they are rare-ish and partly we love those colours. 



These cars are rare enough to mean that you're not always spotting them, you need to search a little bit, but they are also more popular than pink or purple.  

Now that Lucas and I have set the colours it has become a game that we play almost every time we are in the car. 

The only rule is that Taxi's are not allowed.  Spot the car and say 'There's a Green car' and point in the direction. This allows Mum to check he's not cheating! 

Some days it is me that spots an orange car and starts this round, other times it is Lucas that calls from the back - GREEN CAR!  It's a great way to be present in the moment and be interacting without having to think too hard. 

We don't keep score and Lucas usually thinks he's winning, but I know I win sometimes.  A lot of the time I play it even when he's no in the car - I always win those games.  

It's deceptively simple. 

Try it and let me know how you go.

If you want something that will keep the busy and quiet in the car, why not try a puzzle book this one!!



- Helle.