GIVING TO THE RCH - Good Friday Appeal


You know when you get that feeling that you're lucky and maybe you need to acknowledge that luck and help others who need it? 

The Head Mechanic and I really love the Royal Children's Hospital. We have been lucky to not need it much.  We did have a couple of visits when Lucas was younger with Asthma, but thankfully he has grown out of that.  Each time we were looked after so well and it was a really scary and helpless feeling to see my little boy sick. 

I volunteered at the RCH before I had Lucas and every time I was always amazed by how the kids had such a capacity for fun. Tubes, bandages, hospital food, nothing stopped these kids from smiling and giggling at any opportunity.  Any chance they got they would be playing.  I'm certain that experience is part of why I am here today, spreading the love and encouraging play.

So back to the point. I love the security that the hospital is there if we ever need it and is there today, taking care of the sick kids.  As a family we donate to the Good Friday Appeal every year - and this year we are including you!

You don't have to do anything, except make a purchase from us at Lucas loves cars - and we will donate on your behalf.  At the end of the month your purchase will contribute to our total donation.

We will be giving $1 from EVERY ORDER made in April to the RCH Good Friday appeal. 


Need some convincing that this is a worthwhile cause?  I don't think so, but here's a little bit about Taylor, just one of the many kids that have needed the Royal Children's Hospital this year.  She is my friends adorable little girl, and is working hard to raise money for the Hospital this year.



Really is such a worthwhile cause.

If you want to donate to the RCH too then you can add to Taylor's total here -  Turbo Taylor RCH appeal

- Helle.