Easy Christmas Trees

We had a 4 year old friend visiting the other day so we decided to have some easy creative fun.   And I do mean EASY and FUN! I don't enjoy cleaning or making the kids do exactly what the instructions say.  It has to be fun for all of us, or it doesn't happen!


To have a good time we needed a little bit of preparation:

- Placemats to protect the table.

- Lots of fun colourful glitter glue, buttons and paper.


I put the confetti and small bits into a paint palette to reduce the risk of spilling it everywhere......unfortunately we still managed to get it all over the floor.  We ended up having a race to see who could pick up most!



I cut some green paper into tree shapes and let the kids decorate it any way they wanted.  

I was surprised that they didn't go for the Santa or HO HO foil confetti that I had - instead they went straight for the packet of mixed buttons that I had picked up at Spotlight.   


The glue was the FAVOURITE thing by far! 


Some of the finished trees.  The kids made 3 each in about an hour of creating (and cleaning up!)



Mum had a bit of a play too! 

Here are some of pieces of art mixed in with birthday cards.  Lucas took this photo with his brand new camera.  

Might have to teach him that the camera needs to be still when he presses that button down.


- Vroom Vroom