Kid O have a lovely sense of simplicity in their designs.  The Kid O Tip Truck has been a favourite first birthday present of ours for years.   Recently Kate O'Meally of Oh My Word took one home and let her 16 month old have a drive.

Here's what they thought -



We were very excited when the Kid-O truck arrived - Joe (16mths) was happy with something new and different, and Mum and Dad were even happier that it came in one piece - no construction or batteries required!! Ready for little boys to play with.

After a few test drives around the lounge room, Joe hadn't realised the tray tipped up, so Mummy had to give a quick demo. After that he was piling up a load of blocks and driving it away. The tip up tray and its latch was a big hit - lots of up and down, loading and unloading! 

Look at that concentration! 

The Kid-O truck is high quality, solid and there are no flimsy pieces that can be pulled off so perfect for little ones. The hand grip and wheels are perfect for small hands and makes the truck easy to manoeuvre, even for his younger friend Sonny who is only 10 months old. They had a great time playing with the truck together.

I thought it was a nice design - a little bit Scandinavian which I like.  Very easy to clean and no small parts that could be dangerous for small people. It's perfect toy for younger children and it's not massive so doesn't take up lots of space.
It's nice to see a product built for smaller children - many on the market seem to be for 3yrs+

  - Kate.



It looks like it was a big hit!  Thank Kate.

Lucas and I have love giving these trucks as a first birthday present.  I think as present givers we look for things that will keep the kids busy and interested. No one wants to give a present that is boring. We forget that what is boring for us is not boring for a young child and we look to products that have many pieces. noise or options. We forget that as a little person, who is learning basic life skills like how to crawl/walk and use those pincer fingers, a toy like this provides hours of interest and entertainment.

 It has things to move, tip,  roll and can be filled with all sorts of things! 

Kid O Tip Truck | Lucas Loves cars