During the school holidays Lucas and I took a trip into town to see the Shifting Gear exhibition at the NGV. 

The stunning Holden EFIJY #ShiftingGear

The NGV website describes the collections as: 'Shifting Gear: Design, Innovation and the Australian Car presents some of our most iconic vehicles as objects of art and design.'

We went because Lucas loves cars and I love the art and design. Also I thought it would be great to see some of the older cars that would be on display, to give Lucas a real idea of what cars used to be like.

Well neither of us was disappointed.  In the foyer, before you enter the exhibition is a Holden EFIJY, a glorious purple car. The colour, the lines, the perfect shiny condition of this car made it a real beauty.  I would have been happy to go home after seeing that car, but then Lucas saw a car on the wall inside the exhibition.  After a speedy transaction to get tickets we raced inside.

Lucas was like a kid in a candy store, running from one shiny car to the next. So many things to look at and absorb.  There were a few car engines on display Lucas found quite interesting (not me), there were red race cars, and some cars where the doors open up instead of out. 

Now I don't know much about what happens under the bonnet,  the torque, cam shafts and flux capacitors are all just words for me.  (everything I know I learnt from Back to the future!)  Mostly I'm the sort of car lover that can be heard to say 'Look at the pretty yellow car'.  

That was not a problem at all for this exhibition, because it was mostly about what the cars look like, and let me tell you - they look great.  There was also some interesting facts included with the cars.

I took so many photos that about half way through Lucas turned and said 'OK Mum, no more photos!' Ironically I don't want to put too many here because it would ruin the joy of discovering them for yourself.

Lucas loves orange, there were quite a few orange cars (and of course red!)

Towards the end was a Jack Brabham Formula One car. Lucas was quite interested in the row of trophies they had on display. That man won a few races!  I find it so amazing that the name Jack Brabham is so familiar to me, and he was winning races back in the 60's (way before I was born!). 

This exhibition is so beautifully set up.  The cars are stunning and the information interesting.

That night I asked Lucas what he thought of the car exhibition. His response 'It was good!'  So there you have it. His review in a nutshell.  I thought it was fun too, to see the vintage cars and some cars from the 60's and 70's. 

If you have a car lover, perhaps one that is school age (there is no touching or interaction) we think you would enjoy a visit to see these cool cars. 



NGV Australia - Ina Potter Centre
6 Mar 15 – 12 Jul 15