Valentines Day with cars

We love cars, not all that lovey-dovey stuff, so when we tell people we love them, we want to include cars!  



Here are a few ideas on including cars in your valentines day, wether it's for a gift or an activity.  These will are a great combination of cars and love. So you can enjoy a day with a little bit of love,  and have half a chance that you little one will be helping instead of sitting back and saying Yech!

1 - Footprint race car


A great way to document their little (or big) feet and give dad a car for Valentines day.  (From heartartcrafts.)

2.   A gorgeous printable card. 


 I like how you roll!  (from thirtyhandmadedays.)

3.   You make my heart race.  


 So simple and so cute for a dad who loves cars.  (from real simple)


4.  I wheelie like you!  I think I'd do this one with a picture of the car instead of the little plastic car.


I Wheelie like idea (from creating really awesome free things)


5. A lovely colour by numbers card.  


OK it doesn't have cars, but it looks like something fun for the kids to do for valentines. (from  A Mom's Take)


6.  A little hint always works well when it looks pretty.  (This is my favourite!)


 They have a number of great printable pages. (from balancinghome website.)


Happy Valentines everyone.  xo

- Helle