A recipe from the head mechanic

Quinoa Tabouli

Quinoa Tabouli | Lucas loves cars
Prepping the Quinoa
Rinse 1/2 cup of dry Quinoa in a sieve and wash thoroughly.
Place 1/2 cup of washed Quinoa in a saucepan with 1 cup water.
Bring to boil, then cover and simmer on low for 15 minutes until all water is absorbed and quinoa is translucent.
Place in fridge to cool for up-to 24 hours in airtight container.

Tabouli Ingredients
1/2 cup cooked and cooled Quinoa
1 large bunch of chopped flat leaf (continental) parsley (stems removed)
1 small bunch of chopped fresh mint (stems removed)
3 roma tomatos halved lengthways (seeded) and chopped
1 lebanese cucumber halved lengthways (seeded) and chopped
1/2 red onion diced
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

Combine quinoa, parsley, mint, tomato, cucumber, onion in a bowl and mix well.
Mix lemon juice and olive oil in a jug and add as dressing prior to serving.
Mix all ingredients well in a serving bowl.
Serve and then the bowl looks like this! 
- Mark