In the news - Sept 2014


Here is one for the scrapbook!  



We were featured in the local Leader newspaper! 

A SON obsessed with all things with wheels inspired Helle Warming to create niche website Lucas Loves Cars.

See the full article here - Lucas loves cars Leader 2014-09


The story behind the story.

The day the photographer came we had planned that she come along in the afternoon, after school, so that Lucas could be in the picture.  It turned out that Lucas was sick that day so he's actually still in his PJ's in this photo (at 4.30 in the afternoon!)  He was well enough to play with me, but was not going to get dressed! Which I decided was fair enough, after all he had been on the couch and quite lacking in energy all day.

We actually had a great play session.

Whenever the photographer said 'Look at me' Lucas would sit up straight, hand in his lap and do a big sweet smile.  Not quite the look that we were going for! :-)   Luckily he's adorable and happy to play cars for hours.  

The poor photographer was outside in the cold trying to get the right angle.   When I asked if her job was always so cold and uncomfortable she said that she sometimes did crime scenes and this was a much nicer a lot of other jobs she had done that week. (The glamorous life of a photographer isn't for me thanks!)

It's a lovely experience to be in the paper.  I feel like a rock star, my friends telling me they saw me 'in the paper'.   Better be careful...I might start acting like a rock star.  I'm sure Lucas will help me to keep my feet on the ground...playing cars.

Vroom vroom

- Helle.