Like most Mums with school aged children,  I am in the middle of school holidays. It's fun because there's no need to wash uniforms, make lunches or be out of the house early.   But it's also a long time to entertain the kids! 

I am a big slacker and love little projects that don't take much work or much effort. I thought I'd share some of the fun we have been having on the holidays. So here is my list of fun list of things we plan to do on the holidays (Perfect for slacker Mums like me!)



1 - Coloured  Shower Foam

How to make a child go from 'I don't WANT to have a SHOWER' (stamp stamp)  to  'Can I have my shower NOW PLEASE!' (stamp stamp)   This one is not just for holidays.  It's cheap and crazy fun.

We have created our own blog post of the fun we had with shower painting here.



2 - Marshmallow Catapult

As soon as a saw this I just knew Lucas would love doing it, mostly to eat the marshmallows and also to fling them across the room! 


All the details are at It's always autumn. The instructions at are so clear that Lucas could build this himself, which meant a few marshmallows went missing along the way. (that's part of the fun isn't it?)



3 - Aeroplane Target practice

This one is for later in the week. (Will update when it's done)

This and other great plane activities are on sewingmamaraeanna.

We have the supplies -
We are trying it with material. (1/2 price at spotlight)
The Paper Aeroplane kit we sell here.



4 - Glue sun catchers

Can't wait to make these.  With Cars of course!

We found the instructions at simplefunforkids.

We will let you know how they go.


Glue star suncatcher activity 


Lots of fun for a small amount of money and time.

Gotta love that.

- Vrooom