Recall Tender Leaf Stacking Forest

At Lucas loves cars we have a commitment to quality. We are sad to announce this recall of a product we have sold in the garage.
There has been a recall of the Tender Leaf Toys Stacking Forest. A wooden stacking tree with 19 wooden animals and leaves.


Why a Recall?
The leaves of the wooden stacking tree are small parts and do not comply with the under 3 year old standards.   
This means there is a risk of choking or suffocation if a child puts these pieces in their mouth.


What does it mean for you?

If you have purchased any of these items we request you remove the leaves from your play space immediately.

The recall is being handled by the supplier Kaleidoscope and they will replace the leaves with new items that are tested and the toy will once again be a safe.

We are here to provide support and help to the suppliers, and of course, to you.
If you have purchased this item from us, please contact us and we will help you arrange an exchange.

See below for more information on the recall.


tender leaf stacking forest recall