The kids will love to curl up in bed with their night light keeping away the monsters. Night lights for traveling, or to light up the nursery or bedroom. Dim them for sleep, or brighten them to help you to see the lego on the floor.  


Why we love these Kids Lights

As a kid I used to want just a little bit of light at night,  just enough light so that I did not feel alone or scared.  Now we know dark is ideal for the best sleep. These night lights are the answer for both of the needs of children's sleep and sense of safety. 

These night lights have a number of Brightness levels so that you can dim them down when you go to bed.  Allowing the kids to have light to feel secure but not bright enough to stop those important sleep hours.

With a Remote control, you can set a timer and also change the colours on these lights.   For better sleep the current scientific data shows that RED or ORANGE light disrupts the sleep patterns less.

Low wattage LED lights so they are also very energy efficient and cheap to use.