Jellystone Designs

A small Australian business that creates safe and fun teether toys and toys for babies and kids.

Made from non-toxic silicone and wood, designs are made to safely and support children using all their senses to explore and make sense of the world.


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What is a Calm Down Bottle?


Jellystone Designs' DIY Calm Down Bottles contain the creative elements required to create a sensory bottle perfect for your child. Just add warm water and a dash of washing-up liquid and it's ready to go!


For little babes it is a great way to gain their attention, watching the colours change as the inside of the bottle swirls. 


For younger kids it is a great tool for Mindfulness.  When all your emotions are everywhere and your mind is jumbled up...that is the glitter and toys in the Calm down bottle.   Watch as it slows down.  Teach the kids to breathe and slow down while the swirl of colour in their Calm Down Bottle slows down.