Fire Engine Toys

Whether you call them Fire trucks or Fire engines, the big red trucks that come out of the Fire station with their lights blazing are magical.

With a large range of Fire Engines, from hand held, to trucks with people. Hours of Fire fighting duties and role play are wrapped in these boxes.

With trucks, fire houses and even a Dalmatian fire dog or two. These fire fighters and wooden toy fire trucks are ready to put out all the fires.  Toys including felt fire, fire trucks with moving ladders and firefighters, books.

Or maybe you're looking for a Fire fighter costume. We have those too. 


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Fire engine toy

Role Play expanded with Fire Engines 

With a ladder to climb, and people to rescue, your little one can make up stories about the people they are saving, and the brave firefighters that are working hard. 

And some Papoose felt fires and your little cars and houses can really be on fire!

Talk about Fire Safety

A great way to talk about big topics with little people is through play. 

When playing with a Fire Engine and firefighters, you can talk about what they would do to be safe during a fire.  Ask questions about what the people in the toy house should do.  Then ask and answer questions: How does fire start?  What do we do when fire is close by? 

Visit a Fire Station

Check out your local fire station, many have open times to allow visitors.