Fat Brain Toys

Colourful toys for fun....and with a dash of learning too.  We are sure they wont notice, because these Fat Brain toys are so much fun.

A family business that began designing in 2006. The Fat Brain Collection has won numerous awards.

YES - We will be getting Fat Brain Air Toobz!   They are expected in the second half of 2024.  We will put them on preorder when we have a delivery date.  Subscribe to the newsletter to hear the latest and be the first to know. 


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Why we love Fat Brain Toys


We are big fans of fun toys.  Toys that encourage curiosity while being fun are the best!   Fat Brain toys are all designed to use senses and practice important baby skills,  and not just baby skills, the range also includes toys for older kids.

Great sensory toys,  fidget toys that help with mindfulness and busy little hands. toys for fine motor skills and movement.

It's not what they teach that makes these toys fun, it's all the colours and the activities, and the toys themselves that are created to be fun.  Like the Inny Bin, putting the shapes inside the cube pushing them past elastic ribbons. fun and learning married into a gorgeous toy.

Don't even get us started on the Squigz.   Weird name but such a fun toy.  In the bath, on a window, the fridge or even a wooden floor. Stick them, pop them and enjoy how they connect to each other.