Prehistoric biscuit cutters

Dinosaur cookie cutters | Dinosaur party | Lucas loves cars
Product Description

Our five piece stainless steel dinosaur cookie cutter set includes one each of the following shapes -

Brontosaurus - 13.5cm long
Spinosaurus - 15cm long
Stegosaurus - 14cm long
Tyrannosaurus - 13cm high
Triceratops - 13cm long.

Each header card has a cookie dough recipe as well as other ideas and tips. Great for your next dinosaur party, school project or making food fun. 

Use this biscuit cutter for cookies, sandwiches, toffees, fairy bread, fruit or cheese slices, pancakes, pizza bases and many other foods.  

Also use for craft ideas such as play dough. 

Stainless steel cookie cutters are rust resistant and Dishwasher safe. 

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