Connetix Tiles

An Australian business, started in 2019. Connetix have taken over the play space with their range of magnetic tiles.   A fun toy with colour and building fun for the whole family.  These magnetic tiles have a special riveted design for safety and strong magnets. 

These strong magnetic tiles will keep the kids busy at play and are available in Bright Rainbow colours, Pastel colours and a fabulous Clear range.  How high can you build your creation?


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Connetix magnetic tiles

What do you make with your Connetix Tiles?

We love when Mums tell us that they love to play with their Connetix magnetic tiles while their kids play. And Dad joins in too.  Creating 2D or 3D masterpieces will be a family activity/

Did you know that if you have a new(ish) house you can connect the Connetix to the corners.  Corners now often have a metal edge under the plaster! Your kids will think it's magic.

With big base plates, now your castle, barbie home or garage can go higher than ever. Great motor skill and engineering fun, not to mention balance.On a sunny day you can place your Connetix tiles against the window to allow a rainbow of colours to shine in on a winters day!

With Triangles, Squares and fabulous Ball Runs, one thing we know for sure, these Connetix will keep you building for hours.