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As easy as ABC ... Learning through play.

Learning through play | Lucas loves cars Did you know, school isn't the only place where our kids learn?

They are always on.. listening and learning when they are watching you. They also learn when they are having fun and playing.

So - let's play!

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5 Tips for preparing for School or Kinder.

5 tips for starting school  I feel like I have learnt a few things, through getting them wrong, or right,  and when I asked some friends if they found it hard to start school there was a treasure of great ideas.  So I have put together these tips hoping they will help you and your little ones transition.  
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National Literacy and Numeracy Week

29th August to 4th September is National Literacy and Numeracy Week 2016. 

We have a list of fun toys that will help your child to learn numbers and letters while they play!