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It's our THIRD Birthday and we are giving you the chance to win a Prize pack worth OVER  $300.

We are having a Great Birthday Race to celebrate our Third birthday, but we have lost the list of products who entered the race!

Can you help us find the 6 products that are going to be in the big race?  Each of the products that have signed up for the race have an image of race flags in their main picture, so they should be easy to spot. 


Last weekend we enjoyed a great weekend at the Pregnancy Baby and Child show in Melbourne.




It was a big weekend getting out amongst some lovely people. One thing we miss, being purely online, is the chance to see the kids (and dads) eyes light up when they see the cars, or trucks, or planes!    

There was a lot of test driving, quite a bit of 'CAAARRRR' and discussions on how some kids just seem to be programmed to love cars.  






It was also a real delight to see kids and Mums who were excited that the car was a little Lucas.  We have had a great collection of photos shared from girls, boys, Mums and Dads who had a go driving the car.   Thanks to everyone for sharing this fun shots!


(Kaitlin was sad her little Lucas was not with her.)  


Thank you to all the people who helped us to get the stand all set up and those that helped during the days, handing out mountains of notepads.   


And thank you all for coming out and saying hello. 

We have listed a few tips we learnt along the way:




We learnt a few things about attending an expo while we were there -


1- Wear comfortable foot wear.  Not only will you be walking a will often have a child, pram, foot running over your toes!

2 - Don't go from the outside in.  It will be busy if you go row A to Z.  Row Z to A is not as bad but try shaking it up and starting at E - Z and then come back to A - D.  Also - if a row is full...skip it and come back.  It's usually busy in waves.

3 - Remember that the people at the stands are people.  Chat, say Hi.  We're in this together.

4 - Plan plan plan.  If you really want to see or do certain things 

5 - The start hour  isn't busy, but you have to line up.  The end hour isn't busy but stall holders (and kids) are tired.  1pm is ALWAYS BUSY!

6 - Don't bring a will be given at least 6.

7 - Prams are good for carrying all those bags. 

8 - For kids it must be like being in a grocery store, some aisles are toys and some are boring nappies.  Don't expect them to enjoy what you do! 

9 - There are often play areas - use them.   If you sit and the kids play then you will last longer in the end.

10 - Take a photo of your kid(s) before you go - so you remember what they are dressed in.  



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4000 likes Facebook competition


As a thank you to all our our Facebook crew we are giving one of you the chance to win all of these popular goodies.  Four of the our most popular products! 



Just a quick click and you can enter here.

Tell your friends and they can enter too!


Competition ends on Monday 18th August -12 midnight (AEST)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Give the little red car a face

We are running an Instagram competition! 


All you have to do it give our little red car a personality.

Print out our little red car logo (we have included a plain one below)

Use crayons, string, a simple pen or pencil. You could give him googly eyes, a nose, a big cheesy smile, hair or maybe even teeth.

- Post the pic on Instagram,
- tag #lucaslovesfaces
- FOLLOW us at @lucaslovescars   

(if your account is private we wont be able to see it.)
We will pick the winner on 6th August.
Judges choice is final.  Prize to be shipped within Australia, 


Have fun and Good Luck! 

- Helle


 Click the Instagram image below to see our Instagram feed.


The Winner is....



For her wonderful devonshire tea lady! 

Vroom vroom


Mothers Day Giveaway 2013

Mothers Day Giveaway 2013