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 One of the first products we knew we wanted to stock when we started this site was the fabulous Automoblox cars. They are stylish and colourful wooden toys.  With a large range of different cars to choose from these are perfect for a car lover, big or small. 

They aren't just great to look at and drive around though. these cars come apart in the best way. The first thing Lucas does when he gets an Automoblox is to pull it apart.  Investigating all the different pieces and how they are different. 

Lucas has ended up with quite a few, any that we use for demonstrations end up in his toy box. Lucky boy.

So Lucas has had a range of Automoblox for almost 3 years now...and this photo was taken about a week ago.  He still gets them out, pulls them apart and makes different vehicles with them.  'Mum, is this car together right do you think?'  'Yes, it looks like it's the orange one' 'No has the police wheels on the back!'


It's a super long limousine.  xx

The mini Automoblox set of three are like a smaller version of the standard Automoblox.  
As you can see below, the big difference is that they do not have people inside.  The wheels and top still come off and the car does separate so you get to make new cars. It's a great way to have the creativity and fun of Automoblox but on a mini scale.

 Mini Automoblox cars  |  Lucas loves cars
Mini Automoblox set of three


Mummys review:   I love that the little people have different shaped bottoms.  Interchangeable between the different cars, they can only fit in their correct spot within the car.   A great way to teach fine motor skills and a bit of shape recognition.  We love these cars.



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