Where to Hide Your Christmas Gifts This Holiday Season

Do you shop early for Christmas?

Well done you for being organised.....but where do you put all those great gifts so that little fingers and eyes wont find them?


Hiding spots for christmas presents


The kids are making lists and counting down to the big day. The season of Elf on the shelf, Christmas parties, days getting warmer and the sun staying out longer.

We are so busy in December, it's so good to do the Christmas shopping early.  Getting things when we see them, when they are on sale, and of course when they are in stock!   There are always that one or two popular toys that you have to grab early.


tips for Hiding christmas gifts


So, you want to be organised and you have bought the toys, but where do you hide them? That's the big question!  It would be so devastating to be that organised and have the stash discovered.  

 From the time the kids are old enough to walk you have nosy spies in the house.   You know they would give James Bond a run for his money!  Leaving no stone unturned or cupboard unchecked.

It's OK, we have some great idea to help you store your Santa gifts. 



Top of the wardrobe.  This was a popular one when we asked our friends on our socials pages.   Throw some clothes on top of the boxes, or put a box up there which says - old clothes.

Top of the pantry (this is also good for the chocolate stash)

Linen cupboard or Laundry.  Let's face it, the kids don't even know the cleaning products exist let alone where they come from!

Inside a Box in the garage.  I have a Who Give a Crap Box which is both big and branded as toilet paper.  And you know that no kid has ever changed a toilet roll!   (Note: also a good place for the husbands present too!)

Off site. Grandparents often have some space and less time with your super sleuth.  And we hear that many neighbours are holding onto new bikes.

One customer suggested putting things in the suitcases, and another uses her Pet carrier.



Boot of the car!   I've heard that this one has gone wrong MANY times.  don't risk it.  Always take it inside as soon as possible.

Under the bed.  Lucas once found his gift under the bed,  it's now HIS secret hiding spot when he hides stuff from us!



It's easier to hide toys in a messy space!  So don't be too worries about tidying up in December.  The more clutter the more things you can hide amongst the clutter. 

Make a list.  There's nothing worse than finding a gift in June and realising you were just a little bit too good at hiding things!

Don't wrap them!  If you are found out it's much harder to explain why there are awesome new toys in the house than it is to explain why there are Christmas presents hiding in the cupboard!


May your Christmas be full of surprises.

 - Helle.