Let the Destruction begin! (and end)

This week the house next to us was pulled down.  

It was a dream come true for Lucas who, of course, loves trucks and diggers.  Even the adults found it hard to drag themselves away.

I took some photos of the event because it was stunning to see just how big the digger was and how fast the house came down. Also I wanted Lucas to be able to look back at the photos to remember this time in his life.

Here are some of the better pics.

We got home just in time to see the Digger coming down the street on the back of a huge truck.




The 30 TONNE digger in action!



While the big truck was taking the rubbish to the transfer station we talked to the driver and got to play with the 'BIG TOY'.

And when it was all over a few days later...everything was ALL GONE!

That's enough now Mum!

Vroom Vroom