We have an old house and we don't have a bath.  For a long time Lucas was washed in the laundry tub, then he outgrew that and we put a plastic bath at the bottom of the shower for his bath time.

Now he is really good at having a shower and he mostly enjoys it.   Usually he takes a car in there to drive around the walls.  The colour changing cars that change with the water temperature were the best thing to get him into the shower for a while.

Sending some love.

We all want to spoil that special little someone, but what if the car crazy little boy in our lives lives in a different state or country? 

Don't let that stop you from spoiling him.  There are plenty of things that you can send him (via Snail Mail) that he will love. 

Look at the inspiration sheet below and pick the one that he will love the most!




And don't forget the wonderful Playspaces at the Garage which comes apart and is packaged in a reusable cardboard envelope with string closure.  This one is also great to throw into a suitcase and take on holidays when your car crazy little guy might need somewhere to play while away on holidays.

Hope this helps you find stuff your little boy will love.

That's our aim.

Broom Broom.

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