Send us your pictures.

We love receiving pictures of your little ones loving their cars.  Kids are so much fun when they are playing.

Each month we will choose one lucky winner who will receive

a $25 gift voucher! 

You can  -
Post a pic to our facebook page
Post a image to Instagram and tag @lucaslovescars
Send an email to


We will select a winner and contact them through their means of communication ( received on FB will answer of FB)  on the last day of the month. 

It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy to see your little car lovers enjoying their cars (or trucks or trains....)

Lucas playing with his Trucky3.

Loving his temporary tattoos.

Please note - Pictures may be used by us on Facebook, winners will be selected by us, this is not a photo competition so we will not judge if the light is not just right, or the house looks messy!

- Helle.