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These flexible rubber roads will go over any surface. Tiles, wooden floors, carpet, out in the dirt or at the beach!  They are also double sided so you can make the corners go either way.

Sometimes you don't want to keep going round and round in circles though, you want to turn, or have a crossing, or maybe just have the road go all the way across the lounge room. 


That's when you need these extra pieces..

- Round corners ( 2 double sided! )

- Curves Extension  ( 4 pieces )

- Straight Extension ( 4 pieces ) 

- Crossing extension ( 4 pieces ) 

- Halfway extension ( 8 pieces ) 

8 road parts : four curves, two straight sections printed with parking kiss & ride, parkings for emergency services, a newly designed cross section and a connecting piece.


Ages:  3+  years 



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