Tinta Crayons - Toddler Transport 5

Product Description

These chunky transport crayons are perfect for toddlers.

A larger size means they are easy for little fingers to grip. Each vehicle also stands independently so if drawing gets boring they can have a break and play with the vehicles. 

Each set has five crayons in five different colours. Each set includes:

1 bus
1 car
1 train
1 truck
1 van

Tinta Crayons are made from Australian beeswax, organic plant waxes and non-toxic pigments, which means that they’re a safe option for younger children.

Every crayon is handmade from scratch in Melbourne and we also have the crayons tested to ensure that they contain no nasties.

Size:  Each piece is approximately 6.5cm wide and 4cm high.

Brand  Tinta crayons

Australian Company

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