Sticker Activity Tote Fire Station

Product Description

A wonderful fire station tote which allows your child to imagine they are the firefighter. They can move the fire trucks, fire men, ladders and all the equipment needed to fight fires.  Then bring the engines home to the Fire station at the end of the day.  

Great on-the-go package lets kids take this item in the car, on a plane, into a restaurant, or anywhere you might want an engaging activity that is easy to start and easy to clean up. Just toss everything back into the handy carry-along tote! Play for a few minutes or a few hours. 

No reading required so they can play without assistance.

Reusable cling stickers make this an activity kids will go back to again and again. 
Two 6.25" x 18.75" scenes 
55+ reusable vinyl cling stickers
Tote measures 6.75" x 6.75" x 1.25"
Ages 3+
A wonderful tote which has a race track and a garage so you can race the cars or tune them up in the workshop. 
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