Milaniwood - City Construction Set

Milaniwood - City Construction Set | Lucas Loves Cars
Product Description
The city is a kit of wooden buildings blocks for the small architects of today and tomorrow. m² city is a creative game for children which helps developing the planning and building skills and, if played in a group, the ability to cooperate in a team.
The perfect gift for building and architecture lovers.
This set of building blocks is made of wood coming from eco-friendly forestry in respect of the natural and social environment.  (100% FSC®)
Size: 27.25 x 27.2.5 x 10 cm
Age: 5
Brand: Milaniwood
To be played on the floor.
The cloth is the space to be built.  
The green felt pads and wooden spheres are the green areas and the trees. 
Using the blocks you can create buildings, houses, flyovers, museums, grocery-stores and all things a child can imagine in its ideal city, where buildings and nature coexist in harmony.