Make a Dinosaur Spinosaurus

Product Description

With this kit you can make a Spinosaurus.

Stage one is constructing the wooden 3D Spinosaurus skeleton. ( just  follow the numbers.)

Stage two is great fun, using the special air-drying modelling clay to add the flesh in whatever design they like.

With two stages of creating, the kids will simply adore constructing these dinosaurs which are fantastic for fine motor skills and creative and imaginative play.

Each set comes complete with push out wooden pieces, modelling clay in different colours, shiny eyes and a fact card with loads of information to satisfy young dinosaur fans.

Choose from T-Rex, Stegasaurus, Spinosaurus, and Triceratops, collect them all.

Ages:  5 - 9 years

Size:  24cm x 16 cm

Brand: Fiesta Crafts


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