Haba Go Cuckoo

Product Description

Where is the Cuckoo supposed to lay her eggs?

Taking it in turns you must choose the correct 'twigs' to place on the nest and then gently rest an egg on top.

Be careful!  The eggs may tumble down a half-built nest!

It takes finesse and a little luck to be the first to place all of your wooden eggs safely in the nest.

The winner will be the one who can then securely place the wooden Cuckoo on top of the eggs and nest of twigs.

Go Cuckoo is a wobbly building game for 2 to 5 players.

The game includes 1 nesting site (bottom part of the can), 1 Kiki Cuckoo, 70 wooden sticks, 20 cuckoo eggs and 1 set of game instructions. 

Comes in a storage tin.

Size:   27 x 10.3 x 10.1cm

Ages:   4+ Years

Brand: Haba

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