FabBrix Space

Product Description

FabBrix are wooden building blocks and this set is all about outer space.  Use these wooden bricks to create 5 different outer space creations.  from the alien to the space scooter.

Create your own outer space adventures and decorate your creations with the stickers provided in the box: alien eyes, futuristic computers, space suits, and much more.

This set includes  
61 wooden bricks
6 exclusive double-sided bricks
1 sticker sheet
1 play mat
Instruction manual

FabBrix wooden bricks are 100% compatible with plastic construction bricks.

FabBRIX are FSC® certified Beech wood.   Made from natural raw wood so they are 100% biodegradable.

NOTE: At first the bricks may be a tight fit, this may make them hard to connect at the start.  This will correct itself as they are used. 

Ages: 5+ years 

Brand: FabBrix


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