Night light - Rocket

Product Description
This LED night light throws off just enough light to allow them to see that there are no monsters in the dark. It also has a timer function which will automatically turns off the light after an hour.

Dim the light for bedtime or set to maximum brightness to use as a side lamp.
You can cycle through a rainbow of colours or set the colour to one of many static colours.

Remote controlled with multiple function settings, plug into the wall (no batteries!) 

Approximate height of upright on base is 200mm.

Lit by power efficient LEDs.

Output varies from 0.1w to 0.5w and is dependent on the colour and brightness. Maximum output is for white at full brightness (0.5w) and minimum is for static colour on lowest brightness (0.1w)

Warning: Remote contains coin/button battery. Hazardous if swallowed.

12 month Warranty

Size: 220 x 150 mm
Brand: Delight Decor


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