Bop Along - Darcy the Dragon

Product Description

Darcy is a rogue little dragon, ( We call him the Dinosaur! ) Just like the Space hoppers of the 80's this dragon will have the kids out bouncing around. 

Designed to target the development of motor skills through fun play. The kids will love to exercise when its with this super cute & smiley little dragon.

With horns perfect for grabbing on to & riding like the wind, he features an embossed saddle mark for easy identification of where to sit & tactile features that can assist with sensory training in all children but especially those with special needs. 

Includes instructions, pump & the exclusive one way valve.

Measuring a solid 52cm Length x 43cm Height and with a seat height of 24cm off the ground

Weight limit: 70kg 

Ages: 1-5 years 

Australian company | Lucas loves cars Brand: Bop Along Buddies  


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