Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack

Product Description

My First Railway Beginner Pack is a great, play filled introduction into the world of toy trains. Set up a train track with colour, and ramps so your trains can go anywhere they fancy.

A fun set up with a ramp which will keep your toddler Toot Toot-ing. This toy train set features colourful designs and special age-appropriate features for frustration-free play and exploration.

The reversible magnet connections ensure that the trains always come together easily, and the guiding ramp tracks help toddlers get the train on to the railway tracks.

100% compatible with the BRIO World railway system and tracks.

Includes 18 pieces;
1x Train, 1x Rattle Carriage,
11x Pieces of Wooden Tracks,
4x Guiding Ramp Tracks,
1x Colourful Bridge/Tunnel.

Ages:  18+ months  

Brand:   Brio trains


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