Wobbel Board Pro Felt

Product Description
It's a balance board, a swing, a bridge, a shop, a hut, a step, a racetrack or a lounge seat. It's a Wobbel board. 


The Wobbel Pro is the twin sister of the Wobbel Original - with a big difference: this Wobbel doesn't have wool felt but has recycled pressed felt on the bottom.

That makes this Pro suitable for intensive use.

The pressed felt mainly consists of recycled PET bottles.

Just like the wool felt, it reduces noise, prevents scratches on the floor and on the Wobbel.

The soft, felt look means an extra invitation to the users. This felt does not peel and is easy to clean.  

Water based translucent lacquer.

Made from Beech wood.

Size: 90 x 30 cm
Ages 0 to 99 yrs  

Holds up to 200kg. 

Brand:  Wobbel 

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