Fire brigade Large Play set

Product Description

The fire house packaging becomes the fire-station for playing, making this little fire house a self contained play set!

The hose can be connected to the firefighter, the hydrant or the fire engine so everyone can put the fire out.

The set comes with 
2 firefighters,
1 fire engine,
1 cord as water hose,
Fire and smoke pieces, 
1 cat,
1 tree, (for the cat to get stuck in)
1 ladder, (so someone can get the cat out of the tree!) 
1 fire hydrant,

3 fire game counters  (Fire Extinguisher, axe, bucket)

A set of game instructions to further inspire their game ideas.

Wooden pieces made from sustainable beech wood.
Fire station is sturdy cardboard structure.
Ages 18+ months

Brand: Haba


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