First book of Dinosaur Comparisons

Product Description

Packed full of facts and colourful Diinosaurs, this book will packed with fun dinosaur information in a fun book of facts.

Did you know that the Argentinosaurus weighed about as much as 12 elephants and grew as tall as a five-story building? Or that T. rex could crush a car in a single bite? Or that some dinosaur eggs were as big as American footballs?

 Using striking visual comparisons, quiz questions and bite-sized facts, this book teaches young children all about their favourite prehistoric creatures.

Turn the pages and compare the deadliest dinosaurs with today’s top predators, discover which teeny dinos size up with our pets, and find out just how much Diplodocus ate.

You’ll discover how long Therizinosaurus claws were (as long as you!) and just how fast Apatosaurus could whip its tail (faster than the speed of sound!). 


Ages  5 - 8 years

Size:  23 x 21 cm

Page Count: 48

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