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Guest Psychologist reviews

We have a guest psychologist in the garage. The lovely Funda from Tiny Terrors has reviewed 4 of our educational toys to let you know why she loves to use these toys when working with kids.  Read more about Funda and Tiny Terrors below. 

We are so excited to be working with Funda and love to hear her take on the toys that we love. 


Educational toys wooden fun | Lucas loves cars tiny terrors


With my business, Tiny Terrors,  I work with children of all ages and skill levels and enrich my therapy sessions with toys and activities. This means I’m always on the hunt for good educational toys to use in my home sessions. Part of the session is to demonstrate to parents how they can use toys in an educational and skill building way, while having fun.

Mighty Motor Magnetic Maze:

Magnetic maze | Lucas loves cars

Simple, colourful and fun. Strengthen your child’s dexterity skills with this motor magnet maze. This activity is great for hand and eye coordination. It encourages the tripod grip which is also the correct way of holding a pencil. Children learn the fundamentals of tracing, colour recognition and matching. It also challenges a child’s concentration and attention span. As all the pieces are enclosed it’s a great game for travel! Which child doesn’t love magnets!?

(gorgeous image from FindingMyselfYoung on Instagram)


Wooden Vehicle Screwing Puzzle:


Djeco screw puzzle  Lucas loves cars


This colourful vehicle screwing puzzle is fantastic for hand and eye coordination and problem solving. Bringing the basics back to life. Little fingers will love screwing the wheel, ladder or propeller onto the correct picture. Children love construction when given any opportunity to ‘fix it’ they will!


Kid O Tip Truck: 

Kid O tip truck | Lucas loves cars

Imaginary or pretend play. This is a topic I love talking about and demonstrating to parents. I know it sounds simple and easy but some parents find it doesn’t come naturally and there are always ways to enrich the imaginary play experience. Toys such as the Kid O Tip Truck are great as they are so versatile. The child can pretend they are transporting cars to the garage, taking animals to the farm, use figurines, blocks… you name it!

The tailgate on this truck actually lifts which makes the experience so much more real. As your child navigates through the imaginary play experience, they also work on their social and emotional skills, language skills, and their thinking skills. A timeless classic!


Dinosaur Lacing:

Dinosaur lacing cards | Lucas loves cars

Another favourite of mine and on the schedule of every single session! Drawing and writing well starts long before a child can form his/her letters. It starts with a child’s development of fine motor skills.

These dinosaur lacing cards are an excellent activity for kids as it helps to improve fine motor skills, strengthening their fingers, wrists, and pincer grip. It also exercises visual perception, attention span and concentration, as kids must maintain their attention (and patience!) until they get to then end of the lacing card.

(Vehicles version available too)  



Tiny Terrors is Sydney’s first mobile psychology service. She comes and works in your space.  The aim of Tiny Terrors is to equip parents with simple, everyday strategies to improve their home environment, manage and encourage more positive behaviour, and help encourage personal growth through everyday activities with their children. Funda Yolal, psychologist and director at Tiny Terrors, visits families in their own home, observes challenging behaviours, and then comes back armed with techniques and strategies to help families better manage their children's challenging behaviours. She works with families experiencing: anxiety; ADHD; Autism; behavioural challenges; mental health disorders; trauma; sleep issues; toilet training; and just general parenting advice. 

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