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Gift guide for babies | Lucas loves cars

 A new baby in your life?   Whether it's yours or the baby of a friend, it's all new!  Don't get them something that they put on a shelf and look at, get them something they will use and love.   

Be the King or Queen of gift giving with these suggestions.

What would you give a third born (Prince) 0

baby gifts for third born - Lucas loves cars There is a third baby expected at Buckingham palace, and it has us thinking, what would you give a third born?  

Surely baby 1 and 2 have toys all over the place already.  Spoilt rotten!  Have everything.  Don't really need more stuff.   I hear this all the time when people are trying to find a gift for the child that is #2 or #3 ...let alone #4, 5 or 6.