Giveaway Part 4 - Party Favours


 As part of our first birthday celebrations during June Lucas loves cars are giving you the chance to WIN a BIRTHDAY PARTY!




Simply by ordering from Lucas loves cars in June you will go into the draw to win a BIRTHDAY PARTY worth over $350.

The Prize pack will include a gorgeous cake, presents, and all the party essentials you need to have a party to remember.

Send them home with something fun 

instead of more sugar!  

When we go to a party Lucas gets loaded up on sugar, from the fairy bread to the cake and all the other goodies that are part of the typical birthday party.  That's find,  Birthdays are meant to be a fun celebration and have 'sometimes food'.  But then we go home with a bag full of sugar.  MORE SUGAR!  And now I have to police the amount he gets; should he eat it all now and get it over with, or do I give him one a day, which could set up a bad habit!?

Some people have moved away from sugar and they go to the party stores and buy cheap plastic toys.  Well you know how much I despise Cheap - Plastic - toys!   Doesn't matter how cheap they are they are not worth the money!
So you can imagine my sheer delight when I found these glorious, fun, colourful, handmade in Australia, unique gifts, perfect for Party favours.


You will get 12 of these lovely party favours from Chalk Chook!

The lovely Mel from Chalk Chook makes adorable colourful chalk in a number of shapes.  Of course we love the car shaped chalks the best, but I do love the others shapes almost as much.
Each car is individually wrapped so it is a perfect little gift to pop into goodie bags.  Not only are we reducing the amount of sugar that is being taken home, we are encouraging the kids to play and draw.  
You can also buy the chalks in a gift set of 6 which is a perfect present. (I have done this 4 times. I just couldn't resist the dinosaurs and the hearts!)  Check out the gorgeous pics on the Facebook page, they are stunning!



You also get 12 of these adorable soaps from Soap Avenue!

Monica from Soap Avenue makes these soaps to order.  You choose the colour, the design and the quantity.  As you can see we chose a green car (green is my favourtie colour) and red firetrucks!  ( The Pic does not do them justice, I will get a better one soon.) Each soap is individually wrapped and smells really good.
We love that these soaps are homemade in Australia but also they have No Palm Oil  and no animal product. 

The bit we love the most it that because the soaps are made to order Monica can do unique soaps with a message or an image that you choose....for example a little red car logo!  (not that we have done that....yet!)  

You can take a look at the gorgeous images, and contact Monica via Facebook.

Don't forget we have 10% off the whole site, using Promo code LUCASTURNS1, and a gift with purchase for the whole of June. 

Order in June to SAVE and you automatically GO in the DRAW to WIN!!



The complete Prize Pack is valued at over $350 so come back to find out about the stunning cake, presents and party favours!

Let's PARTY!

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