Giveaway Part 3 - The Presents


As part of our first birthday celebrations during June Lucas loves cars are giving you the chance to WIN a BIRTHDAY PARTY!




Simply by ordering from Lucas loves cars in June you will go into the draw to win a BIRTHDAY PARTY worth over $350.

The Prize pack will include a gorgeous cake, presents, and all the party essentials you need to have a party to remember.

It's time to find out the gorgeous products included in the 1st Birthday Party Giveaway.

 With so many presents to give to the birthday boy, he will think it's Christmas!  Or you could save some of them for Christmas, if you can keep a secret that long. 

My First Autobahn



BRAND NEW to our site and already a favourite!  This is the perfect gift for a boy who is mad about cars.  Whether used at home or on a visit to Grandma's, this simple and stunning tape will keep the birthday boy entertained for hours.  

One of the best things about this tape is that there is 33 metres on the roll, so it's not going to run out in one play session; unless the road goes all around the house and back again. 


Click Clack Station 



You can choose the Fire Station, Police Station or Hospital.

Of course every Emergency station needs to have a Helicopter and the emergency vehicle that matches the station you choose!  We are giving you the whole set.
These Click Clack stations are simple to assemble and disassemble if you ever want to pack it away, or take it on vacation.  The garage door is easy to open so that the emergency vehicle can quickly leave to head to the scene of the crime, or the fire. Then when the crisis is over the cars can come back home and park in their station.  The click clack cars are also unique in the way they come in two parts which can be inter-changed with other vehicles, which doubles the fun.

Little red car t-shirt

If your little boy like cars then he's sure to love a little red car t-shirt.  The classic little red car on a quality cotton t-shirt.  Designed for little guys who play hard but are softies at heart. We even made sure to have the label made in a soft fabric with no hard edges. 
Let us know the colour and the style that suits your guy the best and we will add that to the present pile.

Alphabet Art Cards

Whether your little one is just learning the different shapes and colours, or if they are learning the alphabet and how to recognise and write letters, these cards are going to be a huge hit! Decorate the nursery with them, or use them as flash cards to talk about the letter and shapes that you see.  Each image is based on transport, from Aeroplanes, to Lights, to Rockets. 

Transport Biscuit Cutters

These biscuit cutters are a huge hit in our house.  Whenever we make Gingerbread biscuits we have to make these transport designs  and we don't ever seem to get any gingerbread men.  Perfect for a party, make biscuits and then have the kids decorate them. Have a look here - we did that and it was great fun. You could also try cutting the sandwiches into car shapes or chop the watermelon into train shapes.    These cutters are also great for toffees or pancakes if you are looking for something different.  

Don't forget we have 10% off the whole site, using Promo code LUCASTURNS1, and a gift with purchase for the whole of June. 

Order in June to SAVE and you automatically GO in the DRAW to WIN!!



The complete Prize Pack is valued at over $350 so come back to find out about the stunning cake, presents and party favours!

Let's PARTY!

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