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I hope you don't mind if I talk about thing that are not toys today.  Today is the day that Australia Post are increasing the cost of delivering a letter, while also reducing the service they provide for letter delivery. 

If you have not heard, Australia Post are increasing the cost of a stamp to $1 - from 75c.  That's a pretty huge increase.   They are also changing letter delivery, we now have the choice of the regular delivery (read slow) and a priority delivery (for an extra 50c).   So sending a letter last week cost you 75c - for the same service this week it will cost you $1.50 or you can pay $1 for a slower delivery, 1 or 2 days slower. 

Now this piece isn't all about complaining about Aus Post, I'm sure there will be enough people doing that!  I do think that this increase in a huge jump, but they have a huge job to do, and they need to make money as a business, or we won't have a mail service at all. 

I'm writing this because the price increase has got me thinking, as a business owner, I wouldn't dare to double my prices overnight. Surely that would drive the customers away even more than they have been.  Anyone who used to love the idea of sending a card for a birthday or just to say hi to someone will surely think twice, or maybe even three times, before they pay the postage now. Makes me sad to think of those words that will not be sent or read.

Of course, having a monopoly means it's easier for Aus Post to increase prices, and people who have to send letters will simply have to factor in the additional costs, but what if they had to compete with another letter carrier like an real business? 
As a business owner, if you can't increases prices to cover your costs, sometimes the answer is to sell more!  (Actually, that is pretty much always the answer.)  Maybe then, thinking as a business,  Aus Post should do something proactive about the reduction in mail being delivered rather than simply choosing to increase prices. Wouldn't it be exciting if Australia Post put in some effort to encourage us to send mail, to remind us of the fun of receiving a letter. 

I'm imagining ads where we see people opening a letter they have just received, or flicking through a collection of faded love letters. Remember how great it was to receive a letter?  I have boxes of letters and cards that I received as a young girl. They collect dust, and they are pretty boring, but they are like a history of my youth. Some with stamps from overseas, some with the same 30c stamp. They were 30c for so long! 

I also have a folder of messages and emails I have received in the  last 10 yrs, saved on my computer. Now -  guess which collection gives me the flashback of memories? Has me sitting on the floor lost in past years and experiences?  And it's not the content that causes that behaviour, it's the envelopes, the pretty paper, the cards, and deciphering some of the handwriting! 

It's not just about the past, and the history of the letter, it's also about the future.  My son is 7 and loves receiving mail. So much so that Lucas loves cars has started a project to send mail to other little car lovers. Mums register to receive a card addressed to their little car lover, and we send it out -  for free. Simply because we know how much the kids love receiving mail with their name on it.  Every Mum I speak with about our Project Mail tells me that their child loves to receive mail. From 3yrs old to  to 93 don't we all love to receive a letter with a hand written address. A postcard, a card, an invitation or maybe a photo. Someone was thinking about me!  When did we forget the joys of receiving mail? 

Want us to send a card to your little car lover?  We will send it anywhere in Australia, and it's free. (even increased postage costs!)  Just click on this link to register.


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  • Andrea Hermanis
    Andrea Hermanis

    And yet, the parcel delivery service is at an all time high. Such a shame. I too understand that a business needs to make a profit but what a way to slowly kill off online & particularly small business. I own a handmade business & I know my business will suffer as a result.

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