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Have you noticed that your Facebook Newsfeed doesn't have as many updates from your favourite (liked) pages?

Facebook has recently made changes to the way that they decide what to show you.  They are showing more friend posts (which we think is a good thing!) but they are only selectively showing page updates unless you interact with that page frequently.  This means you miss out on the news about sales and new products, or even just keeping in touch with what's happening.

We have 2 ways that you can get page updates from your favourite pages.

1 - Short-term (simple) Solution.

In the Facebook search bar type in the name of our (...umm I mean their) page and go to the page.

Then you need to interact.  We are happy if you want to say hi, or you could open/comment on a post, or like a picture.

This tells Facebook that you care about us (...umm I mean them!)

2 - Slightly longer (awesome)  Solution.

In Facebook you can set up a list of interests.

You need to go to the page that you want to add to your list.

When you get to our (yeah - I mean their) page you click on the little wheel icon next to the LIKED button (see below) then a drop down list appears and you can add our (you know what I mean) page to your list of interests.

You will have to create a new list the first time you ADD - it's quite simple.

And then the list that you have made is in the left information bar of your Facebook page (see below).  I have made a few lists - News, "Pages I like" and "Little Boys stuff" so that I can look at the pages I'm actually interested in right now!    :-) 

When you click on that "interest" you see all the updates for the Pages that you have included in that list.

It's a fantastic, easy way to see what's been happening at your favourite pages if you have missed a few days, or if, like me, you want to go back to something but don't want to scroll for hours.

Hope that helps you to use Facebook,  and to see your favourite page updates. 

Vroom Vroom!

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  • Helle Warming
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  • Met Botheras
    Met Botheras

    Thanks for that info, got to like anything that helps Facebook better for me.

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