Knitting for BORN TO KNIT.


I saw this great image on the 'Giant Interweb' today and it reminded me of a project I am working on.  

Last year I heard about a great cause called BORN TO KNIT.

I liked the idea that I could knit a square.  I didn't need to knit a whole blanket (that's a BIG project for me!)  
Still, I have not been all that keen on knitting for a while, so I almost put the brochure in the bin,  then I read that many of the squares that people knit are sent to headquarters as squares.  They were drowning in squares that needed to be sewn into a blanket.  Now there was something I could do and really enjoy.

So I took a stack of the knitted squares home and sat in front of the TV sewing them into lovely blankets.  What a great way to justify Trashy TV time!   The sewing doesn't have to be beautiful - just needs to hold the squares together.

This year I have less time than last year but every time I read the following blurb from the Born to Knit website I get out the blanket that I'm working on and turn that TV on! 

The campaign runs from 1st June – 30th September, 2012

Runny noses and tummy aches are a common part of childhood. But dying from easily preventable and treatable illnesses such as pneumonia or diarrhoea shouldn’t be. Tragically over 7.6 million children under the age of five die each year from illnesses like pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. With your help, we can save and protect the lives of vulnerable children.

Some of the blankets go overseas, there are also many that are provided to needy children and families within Australia.

In this world of such sadness (especially this week) I like to think I am doing something to help, even if it's only one blanket. 

Click on this link to get details about how to knit a square.

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