Big, small and in-between.


We have been up and running for just over a week!

It’s been exciting and fun, surreal, brilliant and also a huge relief.  All the work we have done to get here and now we’re here.    Time to celebrate, or sleep.   NO!  Time to show you some of our gorgeous cars.

We have has some feedback that it’s hard to see the sizes of the different cars that we have from their separate images…so I have been busy taking some photos of the cars together.

Here we have the Automoblox Green T9 Pickup (with enhancements), then the Click Clack cars Rubbish truck and the HAPE mini Beach buggy.  I’m in a green mood today.

Can you see that the Ute has blue people and blue wheels?  Lucas has the Automoblox Green Ute and the Automoblox C9-R Blue/Black sports car and they are often being swapped about.   He loves his job as toy tester. 

Here is the Hape mini Racer with some 'regular cars'. 


Broom Broom.

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