Well the sun is back around most of Australia and it has us looking toward the beach and summer fun.

This month we are giving away some of our favourite Sand Toys. This range of toys scream out summer fun and we're sure that they will have all the kids digging and playing, whether it's in the sand pit or the beach.  


Sand toys 



To be in the draw to win simply enter below:

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Don't forget to read the T&C's in the giveaway.

. Entry is open to Australian residents, aged 18 years and over.
. Prize must be delivered to an Australian address.
. Giveaway commences on 10 October, 2015 and concludes at 11.59pm AEST 31 October, 2015.
. Winning entry will be drawn at random from the correct entries.
. The winner will be notified by email and announced in the newsletter.
. The prize must be claimed by 10 November.  
. This Promotion is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by any third party. 


HABA sand toys


Check out all the whole range of Sand toys.  Which one is your favourite?



Michelle Funnell



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  • Helle Warming
Comments 54
  • Janet

    My son loves playing on the sand. He is scared of the waves, but will drive diggers and dumpers in the sand for hours!!

  • Rosslyn Tadd
    Rosslyn Tadd

    Living near the beach in Queensland means lots of play with toys where the sand meets the water as it’s ever so hot and that’s the coolest place to be.

  • Kevin Kelly
    Kevin Kelly

    Burying me with sand whilst relaxing stretched out on the beach towel

  • Karla Oleinikoff
    Karla Oleinikoff

    Shell and coral collecting. They paint the coral, and stick it and the shells to paper, making their own ocean pictures.

  • CAthy

    Paddling just by the edge of the water and making crazy castles!

  • Catherine Thambirajah
    Catherine Thambirajah

    We love all construction equipment and sand play! Really our boys love anything with wheels but our almost 3 has an unbeatable work ethic and is always building something on his “struction site”. :) Great prize.

  • Andreea nicolescu
    Andreea nicolescu

    Building sandcastles with a lake using sea water), surrounding it

  • Jenny Learmond
    Jenny Learmond

    The SAND SHOVEL EXCAVATOR looks like lots of fun and my grandsons (1 & 3) would love it for their sandpit!!

  • Alison B
    Alison B

    Bub is still discovering the delights of jumping in the waves at the beach :-) And eating sand. :-/

  • Wendy Hatton
    Wendy Hatton

    We love digging channels in the sand and watching the water fill them up.

  • michelle

    Building many, many sandcastles is our fav thing to do at the beach.

  • ROma

    My two water babies crave jumping in the waves!

  • Gemma W
    Gemma W

    We love having sandcastle competitions – who can build the biggest, most decorated, best moat, most towers, craziest design etc. It’s a classic but always a winner with the kids (& the adults can’t resist either!)

  • Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie Wingfield

    We love to dig a big hole in the soft sand and watch it fill up when the waves come in.

  • Leah

    These are perfect for my two monsters’ favourite beach fun, building road and racing tracks in the sand.

  • Rebecca Hoffschildt
    Rebecca Hoffschildt

    We love building sandcastles then digging moats to the sea.

  • cleo sids
    cleo sids

    Swimming and splashing around, having fun at the beach.

  • caroline A'vard
    caroline A'vard

    My grandkids love burying nannies feet and legs with sand and watching me struggle to get free, thats their fun thing to do at the beach…:)

  • AmberB

    Building sand castles

  • Val C
    Val C

    We are an excavating family, big time, so plenty of castles and sand works!

  • Leah O
    Leah O

    We love waterfights in the shallow water at the beach

  • Teena L
    Teena L

    We take the kayak out and the kids get to have a row, they love it!

  • catherine burns
    catherine burns

    We love swimming in the salt water, collecting shell and building sndcastle!! Love summer.

  • irene fernandas
    irene fernandas

    We love collecting sea shells and exploring the rocks and jetties.

  • Amelia

    Building sandcastles with a moat around it. Lots of fun.

  • Mel

    Wonderful fun toys!

  • ang R
    ang R

    We love beach cricket!! building sandcastles and then putting shells all over it!

  • lisa c
    lisa c

    Definitely the ole spade and bucket!! Making castles and digging holes is the best :)

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L

    Using the toy excavator to fill up the Dump Truck with sand and then empty it. Repeat x 10.

  • Sarah

    Creating sand art. Sculptures or sandcastles and sometimes sand pie..

  • tizzerina

    As a family we all head to the beach in summer. We love building in the sand and sometimes dad gets buried!! lol

  • Kelly

    Awesome for both boys and girls to play with

  • blakester

    Beach cricket and sandcastles, love the beach :)

  • jody b
    jody b

    Swimming and exploring is our favourite activity at the beach. Apart from sand we bring home in everything!! We find some cool stuff :)

  • Nanny Sue
    Nanny Sue

    Exploring the wonders of the beach with our grandchildren!

  • salvatore

    We get the buckets, spades and build sand castles . Collect seaweed and shells and decorate it!! We all go as a family and its so much fun.

  • Maria

    Building sandcastles, trashing them, then building them again.!

  • Irawati Johan
    Irawati Johan

    our favourite is building sand castle

  • S Armstrong
    S Armstrong

    When we go to the beach we love to bury each others legs in the sand, collecting shells and exploring in the rock pools

  • kds

    Building sandcastles and moats
    swimming in the ocean and sailing on a boat :)

  • CLaire

    We love making sand vulcanos with water lava

  • karina l
    karina l

    Making sand angels and getting sand everywhere!

  • sue perry
    sue perry

    Taking the dog & a tennis ball seeing who comes home the wettest & sandiest usually a tie between the dog & my son

  • sapna

    making big big sand castles and breaking them with water.

  • Ern

    As the kids put it ‘getting crabs’ which always makes us laugh. They mean looking for crabs in the shallows of the rock pools. Interesting and fun.

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S

    Swimming or paddling in the sea.

  • Amelia

    Our favourite summer activity is building cool buildings with sand at the beach, always with a river dug to the water’s edge that gradually fills up, and little toy animals and cars to decorate!

  • Kerri

    Running after each other and squishing jellyfish eggs in each other’s hair, then washing it off in the waves.

  • Jessie Hay
    Jessie Hay

    Building sandcastles!

  • Claire Gardner
    Claire Gardner

    Our favourite summer activity is without a doubt visiting the beach armed with our huge Sunny Jim sunshade, an esky packed full of goodies – and a truckload of sand toys for the kids ??

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