Remember what it was like to get a letter in the mail? Something that didn't have that see-through window. Something handwritten with your name on the front is rare for adults, and even more so for a child.

My little guy always asks if there is mail for him.  "Is it for me?"  He gets so excited on the rare occasions when he receives a letter with his name on the front, and then he is quite disappointed that it's a bank statement or a dentist reminder. 

Wouldn't it be nice if it was a card, with a little message inside just for them.



#Project Mail is our way of encouraging written communication and we love the idea
of kids receiving mail with their name on it! 

Head here to register your details and we will send your child a card!
With a bonus Colour-in Postcard inside for them to colour and send on. 



The postcard will be one of two designs, a car or a digger.

Colour in post cards


 When you have coloured in you postcard we would love you to share your artwork with us - on our Facebook page or on Instagram #projectmail.

We are aiming to send out 200 cards. Then the postcards inside of them will be sent, so there will be 400 people who are happy to head to the mailbox.  So many wonderful smiles.   

Tell you friends, or be one of the first and show them the letter you received in the mail!  Everyone loves mail. 

We will send the cards all over Australia.  At the moment it's only set up to send up to two per household, but you can email us at if you have more car lovers in the family!






What does it cost?  It costs you nothing!

Why are we doing it?  We are sending our little red car out to all corners of Australia, and connecting with our crew in a real way, not just online.

What info do we need?  Obviously we will need your address!  We will also need an email address to help us with registering the number of cards being sent!

What happens to my details?  NOTHING! The email address will be used to register you to our newsletter - the rest we will keep secure and we will NOT SHARE!  


Does your little car lover love getting mail more than you do?  

We'd love to hear who you will be sending your postcode to.  


- Helle

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  • Helle Warming
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  • Danielle

    Just wanted to say thanks for the mail. My two sons were very excited when they received a letter each personally addressed to them the other week. They ran inside wanting to open them straight away. Such a small thing made then so happy.

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